Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Sad to say...

I am officially addicted to Facebook....I think it fits me better than the blogging...I will check in occasionally on this Im sure, but for the most part...If you want to find me..sign in to FB...and there I'll be :-)

Friday, January 9, 2009

So wrong!

But Oh so funny...So if you've been to my house, you know that we have a bar in our garage...Mike built it one Saturday afternoon with our neighbor Nick...Our house is "the house" that every Friday all the neighbors come hang out at...It also was a tribute to Mikes dad when we had his memorial party a few years back, not because he was always at one, but because he ran one years ago....
Anyways, a neighbor was cleaning out his garage the other day and found a "shot" game...He though it fit perfect for the bar...So he brought it over, before I could even check it out, all three of my kids had it taken out on the kitchen table and my oldest daughter was making OJ shots with whip cream on top for her brother an sister...I had to laugh and take a few pictures! Not that I'm proud of them for knowing what the heck it was all about, but because the drinks that Hailey ended making up for the other two to "shoot" were hysterical! OJ with lime juice, Ruby red with soy sauce, so gross...but they did it and had a great time...Now if I can keep them from never having the alcohol in their shots, it would be a perfect world!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Happy New Year!!!!!!

Goodbye 2008 and Hello 2009!!!!!! I sure the heck hope it gets better than it started!
We spent the 4 day weekend out in the desert as we have the last few years...It was quite an interesting trip though this time around...
As we tried to leave on Weds afternoon, Mike got a call that he had to head back to work for an emergency on the job site..He was just pulling in the driveway when it came...So back he left...
2 hours later he returned home, the kids and I anxious to get going as we were ready to go!!! About 30 miles till we are there, we blew a tire on the trailer! Mike and B jumped out, got it fixed and we were back on the road again! We got to camp and started setting up...Mikes cousin Brad who was driving in from Arizona to camp with us with his lovely wife Tara, called and said they just witnessed a head on collision and that they had swerved off the road because they were almost hit...They were fine, just shaken up...10 minutes later we get a text saying it was a fatal! Now we are freaking out! I call to make sure they are ok and if we can drive out and get them, as they are only about 5 miles from camp...they are fine but because they were almost hit by the driver, we now find out the drunk driver, they have to give a statement to CHP...They finally make it to camp about 2 hours later and tell us that the gal that hit the other car had died and the truck trailer that she hit are friends of Brad and Taras that were heading to Glamis! What are the chances of that...they too were ok, but all of their toys were destroyed!
Talk about feeling sick to your stomach after hearing all this, I just cant take it anymore so I head into my trailer, set up the beds and slip and fall of the top bunk bed and slide all the way down the trailer ladder! OUCH!!!! The entire back of my thigh is now black and blue! Thats it I say, Im going to bed...Happy Stinking New Year!
The next few days were enjoyable, spending time with friends and family and forgetting about every days ups and downs back at home....
We pack up and leave on Sunday and about 30 miles BACK out of camp we blow another trailer tire! OMG!!! Thank god Mikes brother had his spare for us to use! What a trip!
7 loads of laundry later, we are back to life....back to school and back to babysitting...I think Im going to enjoy it for a few days before I plan another trip!
Anyways, Happy New Year!!! :-)
Hope yours was better than mine!

How many of these???

Im curious as to how many of these Christmas presents wound up under the tree? How many of you now have a lovely rockband set up in your living room???? The looks on the faces of the kids are quite classic I must admit though...

And how many of you were lucky enough to get a face mask, pink goggles and pink riding gloves for Christmas too???? You know Im rocking it!!! Thank lovie...They were actually the BOMB out in the desert this last weekend!! My lipstick actaully stayed nice and smooth! lol....

Monday, December 22, 2008

Sleighbells ring are you listening?

As my Christmas card said...we're a beautiful site, we're happy tonight and walking in a winter wonderland!
Thought Id share a few of the great pictures my sister Sara took of my family for the holidays...
I just love them!

Wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Monday, December 8, 2008

A new do!

Just got the hair done...what do you think of the new "do"?
Picture of course captured by Sadie Olive yesterday when she was taking our family pictures! Looking forward to sharing those soon....

Friday, December 5, 2008

Go Panthers!

Im so excited for my son Brandon...he had his first wrestling match last night and won! My camera takes horrible pictures inside the auditoriums, so I really dont have any good ones to share, but he is a shot of him yesterday morning before he left for school..So not happy that I am making him take a picture at 7am, but he looked so handsome..They have to dress in dress shirts and ties on days of matches!
Brandon and all his buddies did great last night, Corona High taking the win for all 3 teams!!!